Live Baccarat from NetEnt — Review & The Best Casinos To Gamble

NetEnt's live casino now includes Live Dealer Baccarat. This is a fast-paced version of the game that can be found at many casinos. This live baccarat version is an excellent game. That's because you have a high-quality video feed and the game is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  While the video takes up the most of the screen, the betting selections are shown in front of you. There are also other roadmaps and data accessible. In addition, the studio has three tables. For skilled players, live dealer baccarat is the ultimate skill test, but beginners are also welcome.

Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 11 July 2023

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NetEnt Live Baccarat General Information

This baccarat version uses 8 decks of cards. They're jumbled and arranged in a shoe. As previously said, the video takes up the majority of the screen. This means you'll have an excellent look at the table as well as the game's backdrop. 

The Chromakey table has a green screen, allowing Baccarat online casinos to change the background as they see appropriate. Because the other two tables are in the studio, the background is fixed. Speed Baccarat Silver and Speed Baccarat Gold are their names. From the foyer, you will be able to select a table.

The Banker, Player, and Tie bets are the main bets in the game. Additionally, you have some side bets you can place. These are the Player and Banker Pair bets, as well as the Big and Small Bets. In addition to the side bets, you also have bonus bets you can place.

Game Live Baccarat
Software Provider NetEnt
Minimum Bet $1
Maximum Bet $5,000
Maximum Payout 30:1
Side Bets Yes
RTP 98.94%
Decks 8
Multipliers No
Live Chat Yes

How To Gamble Live Dealer Baccarat from NetEnt

The RTP rate of the game is 98.94 percent, and the payout rates of the bets are reasonable. You must defeat the banker, just like you would in any other baccarat game. You do so if the sum of your chosen cards is more than the Banker's hand, but less than 9. You may, of course, wager on the Banker's hand. If you win this hand, you must pay a little commission to the house. The Tie wager has the highest payoff rate of 8:1.

The payoff rate on the Banker's stake is 0.95:1, while the payout rate on the Player's hand is 1:1. The Player and Banker Pair bets both pay 11:1, while the Small Bet pays 3:2. Finally, the Big Bet pays out at a ratio of 1:2. You will be able to put extra wagers in addition to the Side bets. Natural Tie, Natural Win, and Non Natural bets from 4 to 9 are examples. This provides you a lot of possibilities to experiment with. When you win, you get paid; when you lose, you don't. If the shoe only has one deck remaining, it will be replaced.

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🃏 Conclusion

Overall, NetEnt's Live Dealer Baccarat is an engaging game. This title is intended for expert and professional players due to the fact that it is a speed baccarat variant. Because there isn't much time for them to ponder, it might put their skills to the test. Furthermore, the game provides a plethora of bets with high reward rates.

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T&C Apply
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