Top Software Developers in the iGaming Industry

It's evident that online casino players are offered a wide range of generous bonuses and convenient features to enhance their gambling experience. However, many players may not be aware of the crucial role played by software providers in the iGaming industry. These companies are responsible for powering the desktop and mobile casino platforms, developing live dealer casino games, creating a plethora of slots, and facilitating various banking methods. The quality of software and partnerships with game developers are vital factors that contribute to the smooth functioning of online casinos and the availability of exciting games on their platforms in Singapore.

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Software: The Backbone of Every Online Casino

The quality of a casino's website, casino bonuses and the speed of its banking transactions are crucial factors that can influence players' decisions to stay or leave. Therefore, it is imperative for online casino operators in Singapore to collaborate with reputable and established software vendors. These operators invest significant time and capital to ensure that games load quickly and offer secure payment and withdrawal methods.

Additionally, operators often provide immediate customer support for technical issues related to banking transactions. It is no surprise that players may lose interest in online casinos with limited game selections, as playing the same titles repeatedly can become boring. Have you ever experienced the thrill of playing on a mobile casino site or app? If so, you likely agree that the convenience of playing games of chance anywhere, anytime brings immense joy.

To attract and retain customers, operators must cater to their diverse needs. This can be achieved by either improving their own software or partnering with leading software developers. While the former option requires more effort and expenses, the latter can be a more viable approach. You may already be familiar with some top-notch software developers:

Established: 1999

Location: Isle of Man

Games: 500+

Established: 1994

Location: Isle of Man

Games: 850+

Established: 2006

Location: Isle of Man

Games: 198+

Established: 1996

Location: Isle of Man

Games: 500+

The quality of games provided by software vendors such as Microgaming or Playtech has become a benchmark. A range of games includes not only trivial slots but also live dealer games streamed from luxurious studios which make players feel as though they were at a real casino. Live dealer games are not just broadcasted but also improved by means of CGI – various visual effects, animations and others.

3D games are gaining more and more popularity while VR-slots have become an attribute of the gambling industry – there is already no way back. NetEnt has recently released a series of top-notch VR-slots that distinguish with excellent graphics as well as unbelievable functions. Players appreciate NetEnt specialists’ work and the company, in their turn, always try to meet their expectations by providing top-tier products. It is no wonder that NetEnt was the first to launch an online casino platform optimized for mobile play.

  • Live Dealer Casino Games
  • Games Optimized for Mobile Play
  • VR Casino Games
  • RNG Games

After developers had introduced customers with mobile casino apps and sites, they started contemplating other novelties to be created. After that, developers launched the beginning of live dealer casino games. These games are broadcasted in HQ or HD out of excellent studios which are usually localised to highlight certain national attributes. Professional dealers stand or sit at the table and interact with participants in a particular language - as a rule, dealers speak multiple languages. Players are provided with different entertaining options - a chat function, a variety of side bets as well as observing a game from multiple angles. 

The online casino industry has been existing for over 20 years and, obviously, its today’s level differs cardinally from the initial. Operators as well as providers didn’t even reflect on adapting online casino games for mobile devices. However, the excitement around online casinos grew much more and developers couldn’t help but commence implementing this idea. Flash that is dead now wasn’t supported by handheld devices therefore developers had to reprogram their product in HTML 5. New entrants of this field came up with the idea to initially create mobile-friendly games in HTML 5 and avoided extra toil. That’s why all old versions of games have been optimized for mobile play while all-new products were launched for mobile play initially.

These games are considered to be novelties at the gambling market and that is the reason why players face difficulties in finding them - they are not available in a huge number yet. You have an opportunity to join VR poker or blackjack provided that you have devices designed for virtual reality games. There is no need to say that players will be astonished immersing in this amazing atmosphere where chat options and voice functionalities are available. In these multiplayer games, players are able to choose a character and avatar, which makes this type of games much more fascinating and creates an unforgettable experience. 

RNG standing for Random Number Generator is a computer program operating without basing on any algorithm, which proves that the outcome of games without live dealers can’t be foreseen. There are several types of RNG and one of them is Pseudo Random Number Generator which is based on a certain algorithm. PRNG generates new numbers every second by adding, subtracting, multiplying, divisioning the last numbers.  In order to ensure players that RNG is fair and not biased, operators have their RNG games tested by third parties. 

Games Provided by Software Developers

Now you see that software is a backbone of online casino platforms. Most online casinos collaborate officially with software vendors whose games they feature at the platforms. That’s why it is crucial to pay your attention on how many developers a certain casino cooperates with – the more providers are in, the more games you will be provided with. However, a huge collection of titles is not the only advantage because such a platform offers a program system with top-tier processing payments, withdrawals, service support options and various promotions. Moreover, it is advisable to check out whether a particular casino offers a mobile version with a top-notch design as well as user-friendly interface. It is highly appreciated by players when operators provide multi-channel platforms with the single Sign-On technology one and single wallet.

Downloading Software Platforms

Players used to download casino apps on their computers in order to choose a game from a bigger game collection as well as they did it because of better technical features – video and sound quality. Since the quality of software products and devices themselves have improved, players are satisfied with a fast loading of games and pleasant entry, as a whole. Certainly, these platforms require space on your desktop devices and downloading is not your option if you just want to test some novelties. Despite the fact that installing platforms have become much better compared to the past, you still have to wait a little bit when software downloads. Keep in mind, you are able to use a downloaded version of the game only via the device where it is placed.

Playing via Browsers - Why is an Instant-Play Version worth using?

Anyway you slice it, playing via different browsers has become much more popular than downloading an online casino platform on a computer. However, the situation was opposite in the past. Software downloaded on a computer took up much space and they were used only because of better technical features and larger game collection as it was mentioned above . Nowadays, software developers keep on improving the quality of their products as well as expand a game collection available on various browsers. NetEnt is one of the leading software vendors that proves with their top-notch products that games programmed in HTML5 and JavaScript are not any worse than from downloaded platforms. Games provided by NetEnt appeal to customers due to their excellent graphics, animation and sound quality. This is a good opportunity for those who do not make their mind on what online casino to choose as they can gambling on various websites and only after the casino is chosen, they can download software. We should sum up, an instant-play version is worth using.

Infinite Range of Online Casino Games

When you make up your mind on where you should play – on a browser or at a downloaded platform – you will face another difficulty concerning a game itself. Despite a game collection being tremendous at the moment, we should expect it to expand much more. That’s why players are puzzled when they have to pick up only one game from this infinite range. Moreover, specialists from game development can’t help but generate new versions of titles, new various features and other ways of attracting customers, consequently, players are introduced with more and more games.

Ocean of Slots

When it comes to choosing slots, 3d and video games, it is easy to drown in the ocean filled by them. Microgaming ranking one of the best providers offers over thousand of these games. Most operators cooperate with well-known and time-tested developers such as Microgaming in order to feature a huge variety of first-rate slots, 3D and video games in their collection. The design of the games are very colorful and pleasing-to-the-eyes. Thanks to these games that operate on RNG it is possible to win the jackpot even placing a low bet. Considering the fact that players do not need particular skills and experience for playing these games, it is no wonder they are highly popular among players of different preferences.

Table and Card Games – Why Should Players Choose them?

Definitely, slots are a frequent choice of both first-timers as well as advanced players and that is the reason why slots are available in such a variety. However, table and card games do not stay behind and they are also featured in a huge number on online casino platforms. Players will find all versions of roulette – french, european, american – as well as numerous variations of blackjack. Each developer launches table and card games distinguishing with particular rules, exceptional side bets and options therefore even a discerning player will find the most appropriate option meeting his preferences. Betting limits can be high especially in live dealer casino games, however, if you win in these games, you will be awarded with boosted payouts.

Discover the Best Version of Baccarat

Speaking about the game that this site is dedicated to, Baccarat can be a RNG game or game with live dealers. The last type of live baccarat is available in different variations – VIP, Progressive, Speed, Squeeze and Mini – and each of them possess its features. You are provided with high betting limits, a variety of side bets, boosted jackpots, which brings you more thrills within a game. What would you choose to play alone or with other participants? If you can’t answer this question, you should try the two variants. The second variant that is mainly provided by Evolution is highly popular among players because they are able to interact not only with a dealer but other participants. What should you do if your skills of playing baccarat are not enough for joining any online game? On this occasion, you are able to practice your skills in a demo baccarat version and do not worry about your bankroll.

Multi-Channel Solution of Casino Operators

Online operators should be in step with the times in order to cater to inflated demands of customers. Initially, when online platforms were optimized for mobile play, customers used to sign up every time while using different devices – computer, tablet, smartphone and other. It meant that they had to deposit money in each account, which was very annoying. Operators and developers picked up on that issue operatively and introduced players with a novelty – the single Sign-On technology. Thanks to this technology, players have one single account with a single-wallet regardless of what platform is used. A multi-channel solution means a connection between the following platforms – brick-and-mortar casino, desktop sites, mobile sites and dedicated apps. A single account is not the only advantage of this solution as players are also able to find their favourite games at different platforms. Nowadays, casino operators launch games that can be installed on mobile and desktop devices as well as can be offered in the studios of land-based casinos.

Check other software providers

Established: 2017

Location: Sweden

Games: 200+

Established: 2013

Location: United Kingdom

Games: 20+

Established: 2006

Location: Isle of Man

Games: 198+

Established: 1994

Location: Isle of Man

Games: 850+

Artificial Intellect is what has Brought Changes into the iGaming Industry

The progress of the online casino industry wouldn’t have been reached without Artificial Intellect. Let’s start with the definition of this phenomenon. Artificial Intellect(AI) is a set of computer algorithms that are able to process and analyze tons of information, make predictions and even decisions that only a human brain is able to make. The online gambling industry uses the most widespread type of AI that is called computer-assisted instruction. AI gathers and processes information about players and due to this, AI is able to understand their demands and even foresee their behavior. Each year, online casino platforms have become more and more popular, however, now it is not so difficult to cater to customers as AI provides a growing number of players with high-quality and prompt service on its own. Online casinos use AI for the following:

  • Interacting with and consulting customers
  • Defining customers’ demands and providing solutions
  • Struggling against problem gambling
  • Ensuring cybersecurity

In the 1960s, the first method of card counting was invented by means of IBM 70 and then, the inventor of that method created a device for sweeping the board in roulette by means of computerized software device.

Due to AI, the online gambling industry is getting more individual, secure and fairer

There was the time when we used to relish online poker tables with sixteen-bit graphics, however, nowadays, we can’t imagine online casino platforms without Live dealer casino games. A more realistic and top-notch quality of gaming is not the only thing that has been invented by means of AI. In the foreseeable future, the interface of the games will become much more user-friendly and individual for different players. Moreover, players are so happy with today’s game bots which have been made more sophisticated. This means that players are able to perform much more acts within a game.

Artificial Intellect in the Fight against Problem Gambling

It is known for everyone that abusing on gambling can cause a problem gambling. It is difficult to get rid of this addiction by yourself and that’s why addicted players should consult specialists. However, not only specialists help them to struggle against addiction but also AI is involved in this mission. AI helps to identify players who are not allowed to play including underage and addicted players. The process of identifying the last group of players is more illuminating and interesting. AI is able to analyze the customer’s whole history of playing at a particular casino, in particular, how much time he spends on playing, what his bets are, what his reaction is after a won or lost game. If the algorithm finds out a suspicious behavior, it is able to deprive the customer of access to the casino or restrict his time of playing as well as impose betting limits.

What Future of the iGaming Industry Should We Expect?

Analyzing the development of the online casino industry, it gets obvious that operators as well as developers have excellently managed to meet customers’ needs and preferences. The proof for that is the high popularity of online casinos and their domination over land-based ones. Players were already elated having an opportunity to play favourite casino games without leaving the house, however, developers did not stop there and introduced mobile versions of online casinos, which dealt a decisive blow at land-based casinos. Now developers keep on amusing their customers with the latest innovations including VR casino games and other games with advanced functions, graphics and animation. The future of iGaming is really hard to foresee, however, observing the latest excellent offers from developers, we can suppose that the level of the online casino industry is likely to be earth-shattering.