Blackjack or Baccarat?

Gambling is becoming even more popular and accessible nowadays. Any game you think of is available online, by different providers with trustworthy licensed platforms which are always happy to help you with your pastime. Blackjack and baccarat, two most popular games at the moment, both have the lowest house edge compared to other games, but they are accepted differently by the players. So let’s have a closer look at the issue.

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Image Blackjack or Baccarat?


Wesley Murphy



The way how differently these two games are perceived is amazing. Things like pop culture, history of gambling and casinos marketing strategies affected the certain way of perception of baccarat and blackjack. First, there’s baccarat that is historically related to aristocrats and elites. The game is seen as something exquisite and meant for the cream of society. Even nowadays the baccarat tables are VIP-areas and sometimes even have stricter dress-codes for baccarat players. Then we have blackjack that has nothing to do with aristocracy. Table minimum bets are always low for every enthusiast with any bankroll to give a try. In our society, blackjack is seen as a game intended for the true mathematicians and analysts because of the various card counting stories. But of course it is not. To master baccarat and blackjack, you just need dedication and diligence since they demand a sophisticated strategic vision. Their playing styles differ and each player may find something he likes most. Funny fact, there are much more similarities than differences between baccarat and blackjack. To begin with, both games are played at tables and with cards which helps to bypass random number generators. Also, there are many players and a live dealer. And lastly, they both have a low house edge and good odds.


As we mentioned above, baccarat and blackjack offer really good opportunities you can find in a casino. We can have a closer look at what it means. Games that don’t require any complicated strategy, like roulette or slots, have a precise house edge. There’s such a thing as RTP, or Return to Player. A slot with 94% RTP means there’s 4% of the house edge, despite the amount of bets. But math is much more complicated with strategically challenging games. When it comes to blackjack, the house edge may vary depending on some seemingly minor differences in the rules. When a player has a working strategy and plays at a table with quite beneficial rules, the house edge may be 0.5% or lower. With the help of card counting, a player can further improve the conditions and win over the luck on your side. Uncovering random player advantages over the house is advantage gambling.

But when you play at the table with good conditions, but your strategy is not perfect, the house edge can increase to 2% or higher. But don’t be hard on yourself: we are all just humans, and it’s okay to be imperfect. Still, there's always room for self-improvement! House edge in baccarat also depends on the casino and table rules. But unlike blackjack, strategy plays a smaller role here. The house edge is fixed at 1.06%. Card counting is also possible, but it is much more complicated, and you will probably need some technologies to carry it out. Algorithms can theoretically give an advantage to the player, too, but it’s mostly unfeasible without the outer help.


Let’s conclude this article. So, baccarat and blackjack both can give great odds. But when comparing these two, we can spot the slight advantage of blackjack here since it has the lower house edge. Nonetheless, the good outcome is possible only on the assumption that your game and strategy is perfect, and the table has favorable rules. But decide for yourself which game you prefer by estimating your preferences and possibilities. If you enjoy the strategic part or self-improvement, choose blackjack. For those who just want to enjoy the game and feel like an elite player from the Great Gatsby world, head to the baccarat tables.

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