Top Five Baccarat Movies

Each online casino game has its own charm but none of them can compete with the allure of the baccarat. This card game was extremely popular in the 20th century. At the mention of baccarat, many will first think of James Bond. Tuxedos, big stakes, elegance of the interior and the dealers — all being a great marketing ploy. The game wasn’t supposed for the players with low income, since it presupposed house edge losses. The main target of the baccarat was big betters who could increase the profit of the house. After the mini-baccarat appeared, more players could enjoy the game. As the popularity of the most prominent game in the Asian Las Vegas, Macau, keeps increasing, it’s a good idea to see some baccarat-dedicated movies.

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Image Top Five Baccarat Movies


Wesley Murphy


1. Dr. No

We all know James Bond being the top baccarat player. His style and elegance attracted a lot of people. The film about 007 agent was released in 1962, and the first thing the viewers saw was Chemin de Fer baccarat. Nowadays, it is mostly played in the USA. Sir Sean Connery is an embodiment of the dignity and nobility itself. He uses his skills in gambling to impress a nice young lady he meets at the island. It’s fair to say that this exact scene from Dr. No is the reason why the game became so popular in the West.

2. Casino Royale

In 2006, the 21st film about James Bond was shown to the world. This time it was based on the original book of Ian Fleming. There, Daniel Craig as an agent showed his brilliance in playing poker. At the time, poker’s popularity was on the rise. But in the original movie of 1967, Sir, James Bond 007 played baccarat. The members of the movie cast were David Niven, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress and others. In this spy-parody, there were six James Bonds. One of them was played by Sellers. In the scene with baccarat, he sticks to the strategy and stays calm even when he loses, and eventually he gracefully defeats his sworn enemy Le Chiffre. This James Bond is a great role model for the gamblers.

3. A Hard Day’s Night

A Hard Day’s Night gained its popularity due to the British rock stars, the Beatles. This was totally different from what was in James Bond movies. These Liverpool guys have thrown the world into some madness opposite to the tuxes and weapons with red carpets. And this 1964 film has enshrined the success of the Beatles. These young hipsters’ lives were shown as opposed to strict older generations. A real grandpa of Paul McCartney was a representative of this “boring” generation. This gentleman becomes a baccarat player, though he is totally clueless about the rules and terms of the game. Just like that, he says Bingo instead of Banco. Despite the fact Mr. McCartney has no idea how baccarat is played, he wins great prizes from the serious baccarat players. Anyhow, the older generation becomes a symbol of counterculture. Even though A Hard Day’s Night is not similar to the Bond series, it still shows the level at which aristocratic culture is related to baccarat.

4. Rush Hour 3

Some people may be unaware of the fact that Jackie Chan is a baccarat lover. Well, he enjoys the game not only on the screen, but even in real life. Some of the movies displayed his affection for baccarat, like City Hunter and the film we are going to tell you about. No wonder that Rush Hour 3 included baccarat in the plot. Though in Western countries the game is mostly played by the elite, in China it’s always been widely played and common. And Jackie Chang is from Hong Kong. With this movie of 2007, baccarat was given a new life in the West.

5. GoldenEye

The last film from the Bond series featuring the baccarat game came out in 1995. The baccarat scene in the movie resembles the first Bond film: here, James Bond uses his gaming excellence and gentility to interest the Russian assassin woman, Xenia Onatopp. And again the agent 007 is dressed in a tux, flirts with a gorgeous woman and makes big money in baccarat without even trying. What a pleasant pastime!

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