Baccarat Strategy - How to Play like a Big-timer

Baccarat Strategy - How to Play like a Big-timer

Certainly, you are here to know a win-win strategy for playing baccarat like a big-timer. However, all experienced baccarat players will tell you that there is no particular strategic plan for succeeding in baccarat. It is explained with the fact that baccarat is a game of luck which you have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing in. You are likely to ask why players are fond of baccarat if it does not depend on them whether they win or not. Gamblers are into playing baccarat as it brings a lot of joy and other elevated emotions. Moreover, although there is no particular strategy, anyway you have to learn the basic rules and card values, which helps you to play like a pro.

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It goes without saying, when you are going to try any new game, you should get acquainted with its rules in advance – otherwise, you are likely to fail and lose your fund. Baccarat is not an exception, which means that you are advised to know all baccarat’s features – rules and card values. Of course, it sounds tedious and takes much time learning everything about baccarat, however, there is no other way to succeed in a game or just relish it. You wouldn’t like to be puzzled not knowing when a player stands or banker hits, would you? That’s why it is crucial to get in-depth information.

It is believed that only deep-pocketed high rollers play baccarat and on top of it, they manage to win only thanks to their intellect as well as logical thinking. Although baccarat tables and the contingent of players look prestigious and luxurious, this game is one of the simplest casino games and available for everyone. That’s why after learning the rules, you are ready to commence playing this game of chance. On this page, we will brief you about the mechanics of baccarat and this knowledge can be used by you at both land-based casinos as well as live dealer baccarat games.

A baccarat game that is held at a round table involves up to 14 players where 2 of them are dealers. Each player of baccarat games should make up their mind whether they will wager on the banker or the player – this choice should be made before cards are dealt. Not only the 2 standard bets can be placed but also the third one – the tie. Players place a bet on the tie if they suppose that both banker and player will have the same number of points. When participants have placed their bets, a dealer handles cards. The concept of the game is to get points as much closer as possible to 9. Let’s imagine that a dealer has 6 points while a player 8 of them – the player wins. All participants who have placed a bet on the player win as well. When both dealer and player have the same number of points, let it be 7, those who have placed on the tie win. If the amount of points exceeds 9, then 10 is subtracted from the number. For example, a player gains 16 points – the current score is equal to 6.

What Bet Should Be Avoided by You and Why?

We advise you to avoid placing a bet on the tie, however, it is not a must and you are free to act according to your gut feeling. Our advice is based on two main reasons - the house advantage that stands at 14% and the odds that are low enough in comparison to that of the banker and player bets. Look at the odds of each bet below:

  • Banker – 45.843%
  • Player – 44.615%
  • Tie – 9.543%

*You should know in advance that the commission is included in the banker bet.

Banker Bet

Experienced players are used to wagering more frequently on the Banker bet due to its high odds of winning. All experts of baccarat give a piece of advice to place a bet specifically on the banker because the banker wins more often than the other bets. This is the very reason why the banker bet includes a 5% commission. However, the commission does not repel both first-timers and pro players therefore they keep on wagering on this bet. Moreover, the experts say that players should wager on the banker continuously until the player bet wins. In addition to that, it is advisable not to place a bet on the player immediately after a loss of the banker wait one round and only then choose the player bet. It is crucial to comprehend that hot and cold tables as well winning and losing streaks are kind of a fish story. Players tend to suppose that after several repeating results of a game, the opposite outcome is going to happen, however, this fact can not be explained mathematically and therefore can not be the truth.

Result Combinations Odds Banker Bet Return Player Bet Return Tie Bet 8 to 1 return Tie Bet 9 to 1 return
Banker Wins 2,2922,252,566,437,888 0.458597 0.435668 -0.458597 -0.458597 -0.458597
Player Wins 2,230,518,282,592,256 0.446247 -0.446247 0.446247 -0.446247 -0.446247
Tie 475,627,426,473,216 0.095156 0 0 0.761248 0.856404
Total 4,998,398,275,503,360 1 -0.010579 -0.012351 -0.143596 -0.048440

Player Bet

Despite the fact the banker bet is considered to be a winning choice within a classic and mini baccarat game, a commission that is included can affect your bankroll. Most players apply the Martingale strategy, which is known as the simplest one, in order to avoid losses. According to this strategy, players should increase their following bets after a loss and recoup all losings this way. Look how this strategy works in practice:

  • You wager $5 and lose (bankroll at -5)
  • You wager $10 and lose (bankroll at -15)
  • You wager $20 and win (bankroll at +5)
  • You wager $5 and lose (bankroll at 0)
  • You wager $10 and win (bankroll at +10)
  • You wager $5 and win (bankroll at +15)

However, there are particular drawbacks in the system as a result can be the opposite and you lose more money. Speaking about the player bet, although the odds of winning are a little bit less, there is the main advantage – players do not pay a commission.

Tie Bet

Due to Baccarat’s low house advantage, it is not as profitable for casinos as other games of chance. While wagering on the banker and player, the casino edge stands at 1.06% and 1.26%, accordingly. With the tie bet, the house advantage is relatively tremendous and reaches more than 14 %. Making up your mind on placing the tie bet (a bit less than 10 % odds of winning and a high house edge) means taking the biggest risk.

Play a Demo Baccarat and Put Your Knowledge into Practice


Tie – 8:1 (in case of a tie, there is a push)

Player Win – 1:1 (Even Money)

Banker Win – 0.95:1 (with 5% commission)

The task of briefing you about the baccarat’s standard rules and bets is completed and it’s high time to put your knowledge into practice. Below, you can see a demo version of free baccarat developed by Pragmatic Play and play completely free of charge. The game demo is based on the baccarat’s standard rules with the payouts you can see above the demo. In the game demo, 8 card decks are used and the letters P, B, T stand for the words Player, Banker and Ties, accordingly. The betting limits varying from 1 to 100 and 500 free credits are offered as a baccarat casino bonus in order to give you an opportunity of testing different wagering systems that you can read below.

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Positive and Negative Progression Systems

We are moving on to some of the most popular strategies in baccarat among gamblers – positive and negative progression systems as well as the flat betting system. Let’s start with the first 2 ones that are opposed to each other. The 2 progressions are used to prevent a bankroll from a decrease by changing bets’ size in accordance to the outcomes of each round.

  • Positive Progression System
  • Negative Progression System
  • Flat Betting System

The phenomenon named a positive progression means that players should increase bets after a win and, on the contrary, decrease them after a losing. Using this system, players are highly likely to make more profit from winning bets and avoid going bust. We should consider the fact that baccarat is a game of chance and no one knows the outcome of a particular game, however, the positive progression system is much more reliable than a negative progression.

  • This strategy is believed to be the best variant provided that you make up your mind to participate not long. Only in this case, making use of the positive progression is profitable, consequently are likely to sweep the board in baccarat.

  • As a rule, you lose not your money. Following this strategy, you decrease the house advantage therefore when your bets do not win, you first lose the money won from a casino.

While using a negative progression, players act in a different way - they boost bets after a losing and decrease them immediately after they win. This sounds logical that they increase bets in order to cover all the losses and reach the initial bankroll, however, this system can lead to the worse outcome compared to the positive progression. There is a probability of running out of money by following this strategy, which makes you frustrated. Moreover, this strategy can fail because each casino offers its own betting limits which can ruin your plans for covering losses - even if you possess sufficient bankroll and a desire to continue playing, you can be just not allowed to do it. We advise only advanced players to use the negative progression system because newbies are likely to suffer a loss.

  • This is the best strategy if the game is quick. This strategy should be chosen if you do not plan to have a long game - in this case, you are likely to make a fine profit.

  • This is an effective method to cover your losses. This advantage means that after you lose, you have an opportunity to increase your bankroll again.

The flat betting system differs cardinally with its concept from positive and negative progressions. Players following this system are supposed to place bets only of the same value regardless of the outcome of each round. These tactics allow players to avoid big losses and not to take big risks. However, it is not possible to hit the jackpot applying this strategy, because in order to increase a bankroll greatly, you should always place bets that soon turn out to be winning.This is unlikely to happen because the outcome cannot be predicted. The flat betting is a suitable one for those who do not comprehend the rules well yet and feel unconfident at playing baccarat.

  • Higher chances to make a profit. This advantage means that there are smaller chances to reduce your bankroll considerably as you do not increase your bets. Moreover, not enhancing your bets, you are likely to save your fund and even multiply it.

  • Possibility of placing more bets. This advantage means that you can wager more times because the concept of this strategy does not include increasing your bets. Moreover, your initial bet can be high as you will not enhance its value within a game.

  • This strategy is the most suitable for newbies. As it was already mentioned, this strategy brings less risks therefore newbies or players who are not a master of baccarat will find the strategy an appropriate option.

If you aim to decrease the house advantage, your choice should fall on the flat betting system because using the strategy, you don’t have to change bets’ size. While masters of baccarat are not so optimistic about positive and negative progressions, the flat betting limits is considered to be the most optimal. The last strategy is likely to bring you not such a tremendous award, however, applying it, you take control of your bankroll. Below, you can find a table showing how the flat betting strategy works in practice and on top of it, we have prepared a list of the main advantages brought by this strategy.

Round Win/Loss Stake Outcome
1 Win $10 +$10
2 Win $10 +$20
3 Win $10 +$30
4 Loss $10 +$20
5 Loss $10 +$10
6 Loss $10 0

Card Counting Strategy in Baccarat – Is It a Good Method to Sweep the Board?

Card counting got popular in blackjack games after a book named “Beat the dealer” was published in 1964. Many players have proved that a scheme of winning described in the book works in practice and therefore this strategy is forbidden at casinos. The process of Blackjack games is controlled, therefore when participants are caught in using this strategy, they are immediately excluded. Players of Baccarat are allowed to apply the card counting strategy and that is one of the reasons why baccarat leaves behind blackjack. Experts say that there is a high chance of winning a dealer by means of this strategy, however, a profit is likely to be insignificant. This means that players should not waste their precious time on this strategy. All in all, it is up to you and if you make up your mind to apply it, we have a separate section on our site dedicated to the counting card strategy.

Bankroll Management Should Not Be Ignored

The strategies are really useful for players to succeed in a baccarat game, however, most players usually forget about bankroll management hence they run out of money. All people who are into gambling should remember that even advanced players can suffer a setback as baccarat is a game of sheer luck. There is a great advice that is worth following – don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Before joining a baccarat game, you should set a bet’s size and the amount of your bankroll that you can afford to lose. If your losses exceed the assigned amount, you should leave the table. Leaving the table as a winner will bring you much pleasure. There are the most widespread delusional beliefs within a game:

  • I am almost close to a win. It is a state when players keep on placing bets with the hope that they are about to win.
  • I have control over a game. When players are able to roll the dice, squeeze the cards, they tend to believe that they take control of a game, which is an illusion.
  • I am about to win as I have already suffered tons of setbacks. This belief is known as the gambler’s fallacy meaning that after a host of failures, players will have a winning stripe.