Online Casino Payments — Cards, E-Wallets, and More

To ensure your gambling activities will be safe and secure, it is necessary to pick up the right platform. Probably, the opportunity to deposit your bankroll and withdraw your rewards in the most convenient and reliable manner is one of the biggest concerns of modern punters. At least, that is what statistical data shows. In this article, you will find out what payment methods are accepted by casinos, including various electronic wallets and cards. Sticking to trustworthy financial partners will definitely make your gambling style more confident and hassle-free. Keep on reading this review to get to know the leading online banking tools in the casino industry. Onwards!

Author: Wesley Murphy

Published: 5 February 2024

Using Credit Cards for Casino Deposits

It is a hard challenge to find a gambling establishment online that doesn’t support credit card payments. Of course, there are crypto-focused domains, but their working principles are drastically different. Credit card payments to proceed with entertainment in the virtual space are available in numerous countries, leveling up the process’s security, convenience, and flexibility.

Banking brands can't plus any fees to money paid with a credit card payment method, including American Express, or linked solutions like Apple Pay or PayPal, thanks to the Payment Services Directive. The latter is valid in the EU zone. It is obvious why such transactions are actively applied in the gambling market for topping up accounts and receiving prizes back. Overall, MasterCard and Visa are the most highlighted payment options in the industry.

In the terms and conditions, provided by any reputable casino, punters have to check whether their regular payment methods are matching the site’s financial capacities. Consider what betting limits are, as well as the restrictions for depositing and withdrawing.


Apple Pay










Wire Transfer

Pay with Your Visa Card

Visa was the inaugural payment method to allow for all internet transactions, and it continues to lead the market, both offline and online mediums. The organization presents top-notch and trustworthy transactions using their VisaNet handling system, which employs over five hundred variables and anti-fraud characteristics prior to actually approving a financial deal. If gamers are not reluctant to use these tools to satisfy their gambling needs, they can sigh with relief and keep planning their operations for ages to come — withdrawals and deposits are expected to be protected from threats even more at futuristic online casinos.

American Express — Check If It’s Accepted

In the gambling market in the United States, American Express is second to none. In other countries, its popularity is replaced by ubiquitous MasterCard and Visa. You have to be cautious when using this solution — there are online casinos that don’t accept their payments. You can verify whether you are in the safe zone in the gambling institution’s policies. The general rule of thumb is as follows: if a platform supports players from the USA, then American Express transactions will be legit as well.

MasterCard Will Do, Too

Another giant performer on the list is equally efficient and multifunctional. MasterCard services are based on state-of-the-art technologies, which guarantee high betting limits and incredibly quick times to proceed with the most complicated financial operations. If you are searching for hassle-free payment methods, you have come to the right company.

Or, Use Your Debit or Prepaid Card to Make a Deposit

If you're worried about overwhelming your credit card or simply really do not appreciate betting on credit, it is possible to replenish your balance with a variety of prepaid and debit banking options. Giving your preference to this technology is quite analogous to using credit card payments — it is just the other type of card service. For Visa customers, such features as 3D Secure and PIN number verification increase the process's safety. The most famous companies that issue debit cards are Switch, Maestro, and Laser. Prepaid cards are similar to vouchers in this case — you can’t spend more and complement responsible gaming with them. The amount of cash to transfer is limited, and this sum is predetermined by the provider. The option of virtual prepaid cards is extremely sought-after — anonymity, privacy, security, and instant payments are guaranteed. Gamers consider PaySafeCard, Entropay, and other service centers of this type. However, the range of casinos that accepts such transfers isn’t huge. Among them, there are such domains as and Mansion. These cards won’t maintain withdrawal operations.


How to Deposit at Online Casinos Using Offline Options

It seems strikingly clear that online entertainment functions properly with the help of corresponding digital payment tools. No matter how cognitive-dissonance it may sound, offline solutions aren’t less efficient for modern casino needs. All the virtual transfers depend on the quality of your internet connection, and the problem may arise if it is lacking. There are individuals who simply add the need to recharge their gambling balance when visiting their local grocery store. Land-based banking centers like Moneygram, Western Union, checks, and wire transfers are among typical choices within online free and real money gaming establishments.

Offline transactions require engaged parties to be especially cautious in providing accurate and precise information. Although it takes more time to come back and forth from your home to a target brick-and-mortar financial institution, it is also a way out for non-techno-savvy beginners, who also have a burning desire to enter the gambling market. Another crucial drawback of this service to be aware of is its proceeding duration. Depending on your partner, the wire transfer can take up to ten business days to be finalized. Checks are operated even longer — up to twenty-eight banking days. The use of vouchers will be a great balance between offline and online solutions. They provide instant payments and are realized in person.

Casino Withdrawals and Deposits via E-Wallets

Undoubtedly, e-wallets are among the first candidates to pick up for cases, when gamblers prefer the same payment method for both depositing and withdrawing their digital assets. They are so popular that there are casinos that complement users with e-wallet transactions with extra delightful bonuses. The analyzed solution is accessible on the go, anywhere, and anytime. What’s more, your credit card details are under robust protection — casino providers don’t have access to them.

With instant payment for deposit operations, the withdrawal process can take a bit longer. The duration depends on the target casino, but the average term is up to two banking days. Compared to standard credit card payments, which can require five business days to be withdrawn, this delay isn’t significant.

Casino Payment Method Min. Deposit Deposit Times Min. Cashout Cashout Times
Credit Card $5 1-5 Days $10 1-5 Days
Debit Card $5 1-3 Days $10 1-3 Days
E-Wallets $10 12-24 Hours $10 12-24 Hours
Prepaid Card $10 1-3 Days - -
Apple Pay $20 12-24 Hours - -
PayPal $5 24 Hours $10 24 Hours

Before Everything Else, Ol’ Musky Gave Us PayPal

If you aren’t pretty aware of contemporary slang, the analysis of this chapter’s title will be worth it. It encrypts one of the most ingenious, influential, and talented billionaires and entrepreneurs around the globe. You will guess this personality through his projects such as SolarCity, SpaceX, and Tesla. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of his career, Elon Musk also stood at the origins of PayPal. Although (the financial network’s predecessor) was later bought by eBay and united with the other company, it is on the list of Musk’s achievements.

People usually associate this method of virtual payments with online shopping, but gaming activities are complimented as well. It is an incredibly safe option, which keeps your credit card information safe and untouchable. The risk of data loss is significantly less. Moreover, this payment is suitable for both depositing and withdrawing operations in numerous countries, which contributes to the quality of gambling services in the international arena.

To proceed with the payment, you just need to select the corresponding option in the drop-down banking list at a distinguished carrier, enter the sum to transfer, and finalize the transaction. It is accessible to users of Android and iOS applications too. The proceeding time depends on the provider.

Neteller — A Global Giant in Online Payments

This representative of online banking for mobile and desktop casinos is legit in more than two hundred countries. It is one of the most widespread and easily accepted payment varietals in the industry as a whole. Originated in Canada, the suggested e-wallet method is convenient for casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling networks. The corporation shifted to the Isle of Man after being forced to contribute huge amounts of money in taxation for conducting over eighty percent of all internet gambling money transfers in the U.S.

Its reliability and security aren’t under debate. If you don’t know what method of virtual transactions to pick up, Neteller will become a friend in need of multiple scenarios. The depositing limits are “spacious”, which complements high rolling.

Many Casinos Support Skrill As Well

This is one of the most typical transaction methods on online casino websites. The reason for this popularity is obvious: it satisfies both service providers and their target audiences in terms of its quality and security. Originally developed in the UK, back in 2001, this option is now available in several serviced countries. Neteller’s crucial competitor was previously known as Moneybookers, so you can find additional information about the service under this title too.

There are multiple samples when gambling brands don’t maintain Neteller or PayPal payments, yet they support Skrill transactions. The analyzed method is regulated by the authorities in the United Kingdom, namely, the Financial Conduct Authority. To become an eligible member of the community, punters either hand to possess a special prepaid card or register an account. Skrill finalizes both deposits and withdrawals. The only difference is that the first category of payments is instant, while the other one takes up to twenty-four hours. For international uses, it isn’t available in plenty of languages though.

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Mobile Casino Payments

The release of mobile casinos demands corresponding money transfer methods. The majority of modern payment options can be actualized online via your mobile device. This tactic is popular with banks as well, and they also develop mobile versions and separate applications for this purpose. However, there is another format of mobile-intense transactions — there are casinos that maintain direct withdrawals from your smartphone. In the corresponding section on the carrier’s site, players can find the “Pay by Phone” or similar buttons.

After you click it, you will be offered to enter your phone number and the amount to invest. Such payments have to be confirmed and verified. The proceeding time is instant though. This method isn’t widespread though. Despite its efficient performance in terms of anonymity and speed, the deposit limit is insufficient usually. Among others, Boku supports just transfers up to thirty US dollars. The withdrawals are impossible here.

Funding Your Online Casino Account Is Fact, Secure, and Convenient

The contemporary iGaming market only benefits from the advancement in the online banking field. Their interconnection can’t help but improve customer loyalty to gambling services. Punters expect to achieve access to simple and easy transfers of their digital assets for entertainment needs. There is a vast number of available options, so your decision-making approach has to be wise and oriented to your own playing principles and requirement.

It is possible to switch between the chosen methods and test new transaction solutions. The major part of advanced casinos boosts their performance through SSL protocols, so sharing vulnerable financial information doesn’t put you in danger. Two-factor authentication and selecting methods that don’t require providing too many details will let you stay on the safe side and avoid malpractice.

Apart from the flexibility of payment tools, it has also become a trend to diversify the suite of available currencies. The presence of such options as Boku and Bitcoin signifies a well-established casino structure, which is worth relying on.

What option is your cup of tea is up to you to decide. Contribute to the value of the i-banking solution by checking the casino’s terms and policies, as well as minimum/maximum bets, overall domain’s security, and prestige. Follow the recommendations of responsible gambling and stay away from compulsive investments — then the functionality of a target payment method will reveal its genuine power.

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