Midi Baccarat Review

There are three primary varieties of Baccarat around the globe. First, there were the standard large table games that could seat up to 14 people (or more in some cases). For a long time, this was the only method to play the game since high rollers would congregate around the games in a social atmosphere. Mini-Baccarat games began to appear as a much simpler form of the game with a number of tweaks to help the game run faster as the game exploded online and the rules became more well-known. This allowed players to play more hands per hour and for lower sums, but it largely eliminated the social aspect and attractiveness of high-stakes play.

Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 6 June 2023

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Introducing Midi Baccarat

By making the game so easy to play, it lost a lot of what made it unique in the first place. As a result, casinos developed Midi Baccarat instead. This is a compromise between the large table and the tiny versions of the game. While it does speed up the game a little, it also only appears in high-stakes regions, and it's usually a restricted access type of place that keeps the game's original social aspects.

Table Size And Game Mechanics

In the midi style of Baccarat, you'll find a bigger table that's only slightly smaller than the large table. In contrast to the huge table in Baccarat, the cards are all dealt face-up at first. Originally, the cards were dealt face-down to build tension and boost the game's entertainment value. In the midi version, however, cards are dealt face-up to assist speed up the game without completely eliminating the communal feel. The second major difference in this game is that a six-deck shoe is utilized a lot of the time in Midi Baccarat, however, this doesn't actually impact the chances that much.

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Pros And Cons

As with every table game, there are advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that the social environment of a large Baccarat game is unlike any other, including craps, and it's truly something you have to see to believe. The biggest disadvantage is that there is a significant barrier to admission because of the relatively high minimum betting limit. This contributes to the game's unique aura, which is one of its key selling factors for high rollers.

Dragon Bonus Payouts
Natural winner 1:1
Natural tie Push
Non-natural win by 9 30:1
Non-natural win by 8 10:1
Non-natural win by 7 6:1
Non-natural win by 6 4:1
Non-natural win by 5 2:1
Non-natural win by 4 1:1 

Playing Midi Baccarat On Your Own

If you wish to play this form of Baccarat on your own, you may do so by playing any six-deck Baccarat game with regular payouts online. You'll have the same fundamental experience as if you were playing at the huge midi table, with the exception that you'll be alone and won't be able to enjoy the social aspect. You will, however, be able to enjoy the game with smaller stakes, making it more accessible to a larger spectrum of players.

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