How a Philippine Gambler Won $300,000 with $60 in Online Baccarat

Novice players are commonly suggested to proceed with low-stake gambling — slowly but surely. However, this approach rarely leads to huge victories and extensive prize cheques. This is especially valid when the initial investment is as low as sixty US dollars. Despite how hard it is to believe in such miracles, such small sums can really be enough. This happened with a Filipino gambler, who managed to receive a mammoth pool of fifteen million Philippine pesos — his passion for online Baccarat tables presented him the equivalent of three hundred thousand US dollars.

It is incredible to realize that this accomplishment was possible only after the stake of three hundred pesos was made. How on earth did the player manage to transform this modest initial investment into such a mind-blowing reward? Is it really possible to commit the same act for other engaged members? Let’s address these concerns together while describing how one Filipino Baccarat enthusiast earned a bag of cash that could change anyone’s life. Mind the gap!

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Image How a Philippine Gambler Won $300,000 with $60 in Online Baccarat


Wesley Murphy


💰 How Did This Gambler Win $300k?

The saga of the Filipino gambling fan apparently started with visiting an online institution to have a few rounds of Baccarat. His initial investment was three hundred Philippine pesos (or simply put, sixty bucks). Modest donations of this nature are common at wagering platforms, but such outstanding and memorable victories tend to result rather scarcely from them.

Evolution Gaming is recognized as a leading software developer with exquisite gambling titles, and its Speed Baccarat is on the list of the best entertainment in the market. This solution also became the main hero of the story.

With a few major deviations, this version functions exactly like an original varietal. Keep on scrolling down to get the specifics for playing this solution live:

  1. The basic background coincides with classic rules — eight decks and standard initial betting are used in this game.
  2. Ten seconds are provided to make your first decision in the round (five seconds less, compared to alternative classic designs of the gameplay).
  3. There are varied and generous side bets — 11:1 payout for player/dealer pair (reduced to 5:1 for a non-defined stake here), fluctuating payout for perfect pairs (either 25 or 200 to 1), and 30:1 for winning bonuses.

There are a few facts in the media statement that first reported this saga, including the precise information about what wagers the individual placed to build such a luxurious bankroll. The most likely prediction would be that he played a long set of stakes with minimal wagers. Changing the strategy could take place after hitting it big on side bets. Without a doubt, the player needed some incredible luck to accomplish this achievement so well.

Player’s Account Is Suspended

A Philippine Gambler Won $300,000 with $60 in Online Baccarat Image

The gamer increased his initial bet by five thousand times. This gorgeous slice of luck instantly aroused the casino owner's attention, suspicion, and concern about how legal and fair the victory was. The house is accustomed to occasionally running at a loss to participants, nearly half of all hands in gambling offer a potential payout. Online and mobile gambling sites, on the other hand, aren't extremely familiar with witnessing someone parlay sixty bucks into such an impressive fortune.

The distinguished establishment closed the person's account after getting suspicions of fraud. Before disbursing the funds, the organization's representatives had an intention to look into the win in more detail. Indeed, cheating online might take place. There are ill-minded individuals who somehow discovered casino weaknesses and vulnerabilities that enabled them to defraud gambling websites of sizable sums of dollars or alternative currencies.

After the examination was over, they found no signs of illegal activities. So they put off the account block and authorized the withdrawal transaction about sixty minutes afterward. Fortunately, the great victor didn't have to struggle to receive his well-deserved reward.

Tips for Winning Big in Online Baccarat

Despite how low your chances are to hit the jackpot, they still exist. It isn’t worth staying careless and forget about improving your skills and betting tactics. Considering pieces of advice below, enthusiasts will be able to increase their bankroll by multiple times without using any tricks. It is high time to find out how to play online Baccarat and receive good prizes like the Filipino gamer did.

Get a Budget Management Strategy

Bankroll Management Strategy Image

If you don’t have a well-thought-out plan to maintain and distribute your bankroll, it will be a rather daunting task to embark on the path to significant successful strikes and pools. As a result, before placing any wager, it is a good idea to understand how many funds you would like to spend, what type of gambling feels more advantageous, and so on. If you don’t know how to start, keep it simple — examine your finances to see what losses you can really afford.

The next stage is to divide your cash into separate packs (units or whatever word you will choose). It is simpler to handle your bankroll this way. Let’s be more precise. Having sixty units means that you regularly make five-dollar states and can spend three hundred US dollars on Baccarat without worries — simple mathematics.

With the help of advanced Baccarat games and online casinos, players can set their own limits so that their betting session will automatically end after running out of the preset budget. The temptation to win losses back can be controlled then. For beginners, it is a good strategy to keep your losses to a maximum of twenty-five percent of their bankroll (fifteen units in this case).

Realize That You’re Playing a Negative Expectation Game

As long as you avoid overwhelming your bankroll, this solution can boast one of the greatest RTPs online. But it doesn’t turn it into something else than a game of low expectations, though. Software providers never provide RTPs of 100%. No matter how close the figure is to maximum, a certain amount of loss is predetermined by default. Although this notion is of a theoretical nature, your vision of gambling has a huge impact, especially when side bets are included.


Game Provider Theoretical Return
Speed Baccarat Evolution Gaming 98.94%
Golden Wealth Baccarat Evolution Gaming 98.85%
Lightning Baccarat Evolution Gaming 98.76%
Live Tiger Bonus Baccarat Swintt Live 98.94%
Bet on Baccarat Playtech 97.00%
Bet on Dragon Tiger Playtech 96.00%
Live Baccarat Pragmatic Play 98.94%
Speed Baccarat NetEnt 98.94%
Live Baccarat Vivo Gaming 98.94%


Online Baccarat Strategy Image

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Promotions and extra offers from online casinos do make your deposits more efficient, letting you participate in more Baccarat rounds and, therefore, increasing your chances to win. Interested parties are just suggested to be careful about bonuses and be sure to read all the related policies. This strategy will help avoid exaggerated promos of poor quality. Apart from seeking deposit bonuses and other prizes that welcome packages can offer, pay attention to less widespread options like reload, cashback, and no deposit bonuses. Becoming a VIP gamble will also come in handy.

Try the Occasional Side Bet

Following one and the same tactic might be successful in the long run, but experimenting won’t be extra. It will help you get more knowledge about different Baccarat tables and make wiser in-game decisions. While traveling from casino to casino, testing a few hazardous side bets will be appreciated. They do increase risk but promise more luxurious payouts.

Bet on the Banker

Three major wagers and, occasionally, a number of auxiliary stakes are available in the game. Compared to the bets on the player, the opposite hand is more advantageous — it has a slightly lower house advantage. The difference isn’t impressive, but gambling requires taking any chances Baccarat and other solutions offer to truly succeed. So you will have an RTP of 98.94% by betting on the dealer’s hand.


Bet Pays House Edge
Banker 0.95:1 1.06%
Player 1:1 1.24%
Tie 8:1 14.36%


🃏 Conclusion

Gambling is always about probabilities, and your chances to win such skyrocketing sums aren’t extremely reassuring. By pulling off this accomplishment, the fortunate player from the Philippines did truly experience a marvel. However, that doesn’t mean the same can’t happen again at all. Your luck and skills can lead to becoming the next gambler to get the second strike done and realize this wish of millions of fans around the globe.

You'll have a better chance of winning large with the aforementioned advice. Interested parties certainly achieve a better probability of succeeding if they monitor and control cash wisely, prefer betting on the banker, and occasionally invest extra coins on side bets.

Most likely, little deposits will lead to minimal yet instant wins, which is advantageous in the long run and maintain the interest in gambling in general. All in all, if you keep playing, you might eventually win a sizable cash prize.