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Baccarat has remained one of the most popular gambling games on the planet for centuries and counting. And that’s for good reason, as this classic casino card game offers players a true gamble. No strategy charts to study, no tough mathematical decisions to sort through—just two randomly dealt hands and a choice between them.

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Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 5 February 2024


Switch Studios is a service that specializes in table and live baccarat games. As a result, its products may be found on a variety of casino websites. This is a firm that does not rest on its laurels, which is why it offers a range of table games, including Dragon Tiger.

This is a free baccarat game, and it is essentially a baccarat online free play title. It has good aesthetics and gameplay that make for a fun gaming experience. Furthermore, it's a title with a new set of bets and features for you to try out.

Switch Studios Dragon Tiger General Information

The view of the game covers an entire table. It’s a table that comes in red and you can see a dragon and a tiger drawn on it. You’ve also got Dragon and Tiger written above them. In this section, the cards for both Dragon and Tiger are dealt, and the last available scores appear up there as well. You don’t see any decks, but the cards keep on coming.

On the left side of the table, there are three separate tables that provide statistical data. The upper one monitors the game and displays the most recent results. Then there's a beautiful part where you can view all of the different bets you may put. These are the bets on the Dragon, Tiger, Tie, and Suited Tie. Each one has its own payout ratio.

Then there's the player's choices panel. Chips of varied values can be found on the left. They range from 5 to 500, and you may utilize multiples on the same betting field. There are three buttons next to them. The first is the Clear button, which clears any chips from the table before or after a round. Then there's the Deal button, which instructs the virtual dealer to deal with the cards. Finally, the Autoplay button allows you to play rounds with a predetermined stake and bet amount. You may enable and disable it at any moment. Then there's a sound icon, which allows you to change the game's audio settings.

Moreover, there’s a menu in the upper right corner where you can go over the game’s rules and baccarat rules chart, and settings or get some help. The visual settings can also be adjusted here. It’s also worth noting that this is a game that can be played on PCs, as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How To Play Dragon Tiger Online

As previously said, Dragon Tiger is a card game that is similar to real money online baccarat. The Dragon and Tiger will each receive one card, and the one with the highest value will win the round. That is why you may place wagers on the Dragon and Tiger. Each of them makes a one-to-one payment. Then there's the Tie bet, which pays 11:1, and the result that corresponds to this bet is a tie.

Finally, you’ve got the Suited Tie which comes with a payout that’s 50:1. It’s also worth noting that you will play the game with 8 standard-sized decks which means it’s pretty much the same as a regular baccarat game. The Player is the Dragon, and the Tiger is the Banker in this game. The RTP rate of this Dragon Tiger demo game is 96.27%.


Dragon Tiger by Switch Studios is a pretty good title. It’s a common baccarat variant, but it’s presented in a unique way. In fact, its simplicity is what makes this title an enjoyable one. You’ll get the regular 3 bet types along with the Suited Tie. Moreover, you’ll get an amazing gaming experience which is what every Dragon Tiger player is all about.

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