iSoftBet’s Punto Banco Game Review and Free Demo Play

Baccarat debuts new masterpieces envisioned by the world's finest international design professionals every year, providing an endless sense of creativity and inspiration for all the parties that are engaged in the gambling industry. Established in 2017, the Punto Banco version by iSoftBet has already become a pearl in the market. It has a prominent touch of uniqueness, even though the major layout caters to the traditional game’s rules and tactics. Apart from the standard betting options, which are valid in the reign of brick-and-mortar venues, this creation can boast of having a high RTP, hand-history functionality, as well as premium-class utilization properties for desktop and mobile players. Keep on reading this review to check what other surprises this mix of decent graphics and simple rules holds for you.

Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 5 February 2024

A Look at the Rules

The crucial purpose is one and the same, regardless of what provider designs the Punto Banco layout. If your hand is far from nine or exceeds this result significantly, it loses. It is a game between players and the Banker’s end. Inter-round cards’ reshuffling is a compulsory feature for this version. Here is what you need to remember to be a pro in the game’s basics:

  • The total number of decks is eight, and jokers are excluded from the equation.
  • The cards are played face-up, which lets users be quicker on their betting decisions for the upcoming rounds. It is also simpler to control when the third card has to be released on board.
  • The face value of cards is preserved in the case of number cards in the deck. The addition of other cards doesn’t influence the value: threes will remain three, and sevens will provide the same score.
  • All the other cards don’t give any points, with the only exception — aces of different suits will add a point to the target hand.

If the initial result is way far from nine points, the third card can be delivered to any hand in the game. The baccarat rules for its release are a bit more complicated, but users are welcome to check them during the play whenever they want and require.

Try Punto Banco by iSoftBet in Free Demo

This creation offers gamblers a free baccarat game demonstration of its capacities. It is a premium toolkit to practice with, letting engaged parties improve their feeling of the Punto Banco in general and get used to varied playing conditions if any. Before you invest a single penny, it is a great opportunity to train. Your level of skills and experiences doesn’t mean: it is vitally essential to get acquainted with a target layout in detail, regardless of how simple it might seem.

Mechanics of the Game

Considering the cards are dealt face-up, it is strikingly clear that all the betting options are accessible only before you hit the to-start-the-round button. This version isn’t limited to basic on-hand or on-a-tie stakes, providing participants with a bigger divergence. Here is a typical betting approach step by step:

  • The first challenge is to decide on your bankroll for the upcoming stake. The chips can be found in the left bottom corner of the gameplay. The betting limits are pretty average, giving you ten, five units, as well as one, its half, and a chip for its tenth part. Users are welcome to pick up a few same or different chips simultaneously. The only condition is the need to stay within the one-hundred limit per round.
  • After the winning hand and bet amount are defined, you just need to wait for the result of the turn. Don’t forget to initialize the deal by clicking the right button.
  • Once you are aware of achieving the played stake or not, it is high time to consider your following move — re-betting, repeating the last stake, or clearing the details.

For people who play iSoftBet’s game for the first time, the interface will be user-friendly. The so-called wrench icon is a way to the version’s settings. The list of adjustable features also includes the volume, sound, and speed of the gameplay. One of the special functions is the fact that the analyzed interface reacts to the mouse gestures properly and on time. This feature isn’t activated by default, so you can turn it on or off in the Puncto Banco settings. There is an in-built notification system that will warn gamblers if the wagering requirements aren’t met.

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What You Need to Know About the Payout

It is another sample of Punto Banco games, where the RTP is a changing phenomenon. Its value depends on what type of bets you consider valid for your turn. The house edge is minimum and most successful for Banker’s and Player’s hands. There is a difference between their RTPs but isn’t huge — an average of ninety-eight-plus percent. The big drop is monitored in the case of betting for ties and successful outcomes for such stakes — only around eighty-six percent.

  Player Banker Tie
Payout 1:1 0.95:1 9:1
RTP 98.76% 98.94% 85.64%

Special Features of the Game

It would be an exaggeration to say that this Punto Banco is devoid of advanced functions. Although side bets aren’t accessible for the distinguished version, you will benefit from the intuitive and customizable mechanics a lot. The opportunity to utilize your mouse control is unprecedented. It simplifies the overall betting process, making it more hassle-free. Besides, the iSoftBet’s creation reacts on several keyboard shortcuts, enabling users to proceed with several tasks quickly, would it be the option to close settings’ windows or clear the bets. Another specialty is the Turbo play mode. It is quite understandable, letting gamers reduce the animation appeal and increase the betting speed.

Extra Features
Minimum Bet $10
Maximum Bet $1,000
Side Bets No
Decks 6
Roadmap No


Punto Banco is an excellent spot for newbies to begin their online baccarat journey. The casino gambling activity was designed by iSoftBet with enticing aesthetics and seamless performance, and the inclusion of different customizing options renders it even more attractive and user-friendly.

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