Cheating Syndicate at Marina Bay Sands Employed Exclusive Strategy to Outsmart Baccarat

In a Singaporean courtroom on Tuesday, a Malaysian individual confessed to his role as a "marksman" within a cheating syndicate that successfully deceived Marina Bay Sands, siphoning off a substantial sum of $315,000. The illicit operation relied on covert communication through concealed mobile devices to relay crucial card values among accomplices, hinting at the intricate development of a clandestine system designed to triumph over the game of baccarat.

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Image Cheating Syndicate at Marina Bay Sands Employed Exclusive Strategy to Outsmart Baccarat


Austin Coleman



Tan Kian Yi, 35, was a member of a team that infiltrated the Sands casino floor in December 2022, employing mobile phones to send images of playing card values to accomplices, as reported by The Straits Times.

As per court documents reviewed by the Times, the operation involved a female syndicate member, dubbed "the Sorcerer," engaging in 7 Up baccarat while wearing a concealed earphone connected to her mobile device. She would then transmit card information to Tan and other "marksmen," who, in turn, provided guidance to the Sorcerer on betting strategies after consulting an Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet housed a formula that purportedly granted players an advantage in the game, although the specific details of the system were not disclosed in the court documents.

Cheating Syndicate at Marina Bay Sands Employed Exclusive Strategy to Outsmart Baccarat

Hung Jung-Hao, a 27-year-old Taiwanese, and Chai Hee Keong, a 46-year-old Malaysian, are among the two additional individuals charged in connection with the criminal enterprise.

Three others—Wang Yu, 22, Hung Yu-Wen, 24, and Chou Yu-Lun, 26—are implicated in the syndicate, although the status of charges against them remains uncertain.

Hao's arrest on December 24, 2022, followed the detection of the gang's suspicious activities by security cameras during a prior visit. Learning of his apprehension, his compatriots hastily fled to Malaysia, where they were later apprehended and repatriated to Singapore.

In their rush to escape, they inadvertently left behind $790,000 worth of casino chips in their hotel rooms at the Sands.

Secret Formula

Tan informed authorities that he encountered Wang and Hung, a couple, during a casino visit in the Philippines in August 2022. Subsequently, Hung revealed to Tan that she possessed a system purported to enhance their success in Baccarat. Tan maintained limited knowledge, only aware that the system had been devised by an individual known as "Kelvin."

Tan's legal representatives contended that there was no proof indicating the system involved fraudulent activities or cheating. They asserted that it was challenging to ascertain whether the formula's impact would alter the game odds beyond the casino's anticipated limits.

According to Singapore's Casino Control Act, individuals found using a device to count or record cards while participating in casino games can face penalties of up to seven years in prison, a fine reaching $100,000, or both.