Pragmatic Play Launches Exciting VIP Live Baccarat Experience

Pragmatic Play, a prominent casino content provider, has introduced an enhanced edition of its live casino baccarat – Privé Lounge Baccarat, catering to the thrill-seeking online baccarat VIP community. Tailored for the most discerning players, the exclusive game permits only a single player at the table, requiring a minimum balance of $15,000. Bets in this high-stakes experience range from $1,000 to an impressive $150,000 per hand.

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Image Pragmatic Play Launches Exciting VIP Live Baccarat Experience


Austin Coleman


Privé Lounge Baccarat: A Closer Look

Privé Lounge Baccarat, crafted by Pragmatic Play, aims to provide players with an authentic VIP experience, introducing exclusive features not present in Pragmatic Play's regular baccarat tables. Notably, players have the privilege to request reshuffling of cards, a change of shoe, a session alteration, or even a switch of the dealer. Putting players in command of the game's pace, a 'Deal Now' button allows them to control the speed of play.

While offering these unique elements, the tables also incorporate all the standard features available at Pragmatic Play's live baccarat tables, detailed further below. Commenting on the launch, Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, stated:

“Privé Lounge Baccarat from Pragmatic Play is the premier way to enjoy classic Baccarat in a VIP setting. With the player in control of when to shuffle or change the shoe, be dealt a hand, extend the session, or even request a new dealer, they can shape their own unforgettable Live Casino experience.”

Privé Lounge Baccarat

Features of Pragmatic Play’s Live Baccarat

Pragmatic Play's live baccarat games utilize eight decks of cards, maintaining consistent features across all tables. Notably, four side bets are available: Either Pair, Player Pair, Banker Pair, and Perfect Pair.

  • Either Pair: A bet on one of the two hands forming a pair, with a 5:1 payout for a winning bet, regardless of the hand or type of pair.
  • Player and Banker Pair: A bet on a specific hand forming a pair, paying 11:1 for a correct prediction, regardless of the pair's type.
  • Perfect Pair: A bet on a matching pair of cards dealt to one position, rewarding a 25:1 payout for a winning bet.

In addition, some tables introduce a Super 6 side bet in No Commission mode, winning if the banker position beats the player by six points, with a payout of 15:1. Notably, at Privé Lounge Baccarat tables, players can freely toggle between Commission and No Commission modes.

To enhance the gaming experience, the tables offer various roadmaps for players who enjoy identifying patterns and trends in the cards. Examples include the Big Road and Bead Plate, along with several other derived roadmaps.

Alternative Pragmatic Play Live Baccarat Options

While experiencing Privé Lounge Baccarat may be a luxury for most, Pragmatic Play offers several other captivating live baccarat variations that cater to a more modest budget.

Take, for instance, the Super 8 Baccarat game, featuring unique side bets. Notably, the Super 8 side bet pays out for a Natural 8, offering a 4:1 reward if the player or banker hand wins with a Natural 8, and a 6:1 payout for a Natural 8 Tie.

Another intriguing option is Fortune 6 Baccarat, presenting a special side bet. The Fortune 6 side bet triumphs if a 6 is the initial card dealt, with increasing payouts for multiple 6s. It pays 3:1 for the first card being a 6, 30:1 for the first two cards being 6s, and an impressive 120:1 if the first three cards are 6s.

In essence, while indulging in Privé Lounge Baccarat by Pragmatic Play may be an exclusive delight, those seeking a top-tier online baccarat experience can still find excitement without exceeding their budget.