Online Baccarat From Mascot Free And Review By Pro

There are several benefits to playing free online baccarat. We'll start with the most obvious: it's completely risk-free because you don't have to invest any actual money. If you're merely interested in the game and the adrenaline it provides, you may play free baccarat for as long as you like without paying a single penny. Additionally, the gameplay is really simple and does not require any special knowledge because players are not required to make any specific decisions other than choosing the type of wager they want to make. There's also no need to memorize the rules because they'll be displayed anywhere at all times. Baccarat is a fantastic choice for novices because of all of this. Aside from newbies, free virtual baccarat is also ideal for regulars who want to try it out before gambling at baccarat for real money.

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Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 5 February 2024


If you’re into slots or other kinds of casino games then you’ve probably heard of Mascot Gaming because this is a provider that has it all. Its portfolio is made up of video slots, lotteries, and lots of different table games. Now it features a baccarat title as well.

When it comes to this baccarat title Mascot Gaming decided to go with a classic title. This means you’ll get to enjoy a free baccarat game with 8 decks of 52 cards and the usual rules meaning you’ll get 3 wagering options. All in all, you’ll get a good baccarat title to enjoy.

Mascot Gaming Baccarat General Information

This game comes with a close-up of a casino table which makes you feel like you’re playing the game in an actual casino establishment. The title of the game is in the upper part of the table and you’ve also got 2 piles of cards. One of them is there so the discarded ones after each round have a place to go. The second pile is where all of the cards are taken from.

The Player's and Baker's cards are shown in distinct tiles in the upper portion of the table, as are the wagering chips, which range in value from 0.20 to 50. You may add these numbers together to achieve the required wager amount and then click the Deal button. The three wagering fields, which represent the three bets/hands, are set up on the table, and there is even a history tab to look at. There's also a piece of wonderful music that helps to build the mood for the game.

How To Play Baccarat From Mascot Gaming

As mentioned above, you’ll get a decent baccarat game with this title. It comes as a classic because it follows the classic baccarat rules chart which means you’ll get 3 wagering options and 8 decks to play the game with. The wagering range is another aspect to get familiar with before diving into the game. It’s a range set between $0.20 and $100. Once you know this, you can dive into the gameplay. You can study our baccarat casino guide before playing.

Before every round, you’ll need to select the wager amount by clicking on one or more chips. You will then set the wager on one or more betting fields on the table and once you have the desired amount, you can mix chips to get the wagering value you want, then you can click deal. The cards are dealt and the set of cards that’s closest to 9 or 9 wins. The wagers are the same ones as in any standard baccarat game.

The Banker’s Bet pays out 2:1 minus a 5% charge, the Player’s Bet pays out 2:1 and the Tie Bet pays out 9:1. Your job is to predict the outcome of each round. After a round ends you can set the same stake, double that stake or set a completely new stake. The buttons enabling these options take the place of the Deal button after each round.

RTP & Payouts

  • Banker Bet pays 2 to 1 minus a 5% charge
  • Player Bet pays 2 to 1
  • Tie Bet pays 9 to 1

The overall RTP rate of the game is 99.90%.


Baccarat by Mascot Gaming is a nice baccarat variant that all lovers of the classic game will enjoy. It comes with a decent betting range, 8 decks, and 3 betting options combined with amazing visuals and smooth mechanics that enable an uninterrupted gaming experience. There’s even some music to soothe the gameplay so, if you’re looking for a good baccarat title to play consider this baccarat variant by Mascot Gaming.

Can I play for free while I learn how to play baccarat?

You may, indeed, play baccarat without you spending a cent. Some virtual gambling establishments provide free play or demo play on their games, but not all of them do. You can also get free baccarat games from different sources. When you gamble for free, you may practice the game, study the rules, and figure out what is the best bet to place. You may search through the best-listed casinos to find which ones provide free play and where you can play baccarat for free.

Is it safe to play at online casinos?

Licensed and reliable online and live baccarat casinos consider the safety of their customers as an absolute priority. They use advanced encryption tools for secure data transmission that ensure online security.

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