Online Premium Baccarat From Playtech Free And Review By Pro

Many casino games, including Blackjack, are named after the highest winning card. Baccarat, on the other hand, is called after the worst conceivable hand that may be held, which is zero.

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Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 5 February 2024


The problem with Playtech is that it is an excellent supplier. It has a variety of slots as well as some table games, indicating that it isn't afraid to change things up. Premium Baccarat demonstrates that this is a company prepared to try new things. Consider this game to be a typical baccarat game with some additional possibilities. In other words, you have several exciting side bets as well as a chance to win one of the game's four jackpots. You may also place a Squeeze Side bet to increase your chances of winning. In a nutshell, it's a thrilling free baccarat title.

Playtech Premium Baccarat General Information

Because this game is dubbed Premium Baccarat, you have a good view of it. The purple table is the focus of the view. The table is broken into several categories. The upper one displays the decks as well as the four jackpots available in the game. When the cards are dealt, they come from one of these decks. Then there's a set of chips to the left that come in a variety of colors and values.

These chips can be used to place wagers. The cards for the player are on the left, and the cards for the banker are on the right. The center half of the game is made up of chips and cards. Then you have the third and final section that’s made from the bets.

The 3 regular bets are there at the top. So the Tie, Player, and Banker bets are the leading ones. Below them, to the left are several side bets. These are the Player and Banker pair bets, Big and Small bets, and the Perfect and Either Pair. To the right of these bets, there are 9 more bets you can place and they’re represented with numbers from 0 to 9. You can click on these bets to place a chip.

The right of these bets is 2 buttons. One of them is a Deal button that makes the Banker deal the cards, and the other is an Undo button that undoes any chips you’ve placed. Then you have the Re-bet button, which copies your previous bet, and the Re-bet and Deal button which lets you copy the bet and go to the dealing part. You also have a history button that lets you view the history of the game and baccarat roads. Additionally, this is a game that’s made with mobile players in mind.

How To Play Premium Baccarat Online

The rules of the game are similar to those of traditional live baccarat, with a few exceptions. You will be given 8 decks to play with. The Tie bet pays 9:1 and provides you a chance at one of the game's four jackpots. You may also place a Squeeze Side wager and win if you correctly predict the value of the compressed card in the game.

There are also the Banker and Player Pair bets, which pay 11:1, the Big bet, which pays 0.54:1, the Small bet, which pays 1.5:1, the Perfect Pair bet, which pays 25:1, and the Either Pair, which pays 5:1. In other words, you'll have plenty of side bets to make as well as a chance to win some jackpots.

RTP Of The Game

  • Banker Bet – 98.04%
  • Player Bet – 98.04%
  • Tie Bet – 88.5%


The things that make Premium Baccarat from Playtech a unique title are the 4 jackpots available in the game via the Tie bet. You’ve also got the Squeeze Side bets and some other side bets you can place, making this title far from a classic one although it’s played with 8 standard decks. Premium Baccarat is a game for any baccarat player.

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What are the origins of Baccarat?

Some people claim that the original Italian game of baccara was inspired by Etruscan mythology. According to legend, a virgin was compelled to toss a nine-sided die to determine her fate. Depending on the outcome, she may become a priestess or drown.

Want to learn more about baccarat?

After a few rounds of baccarat in free mode, there is still something to learn. Continue reading about baccarat rules and baccarat tournament strategy to become a pro baccarat player!

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