How To Beat Baccarat

In what follows, we're going to look at the fastest and easiest way to learn to beat Baccarat. Not all Baccarat casino games can be beaten, and none of them can be beaten if you don't use the right type of approach with complete knowledge of all aspects of the game. You have to start out by choosing the right kind of game, and then you have to know what you're doing in order to get an advantage over the casino. Note that this is easier to do in live dealer games than in traditional online casino tables, but it can be done if you can find the right kind of game regardless of where it's located.

Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 6 June 2023

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The EZ Baccarat Dragon 7 Side Bet

The Dragon 7 is an EZ Baccarat side bet that pays 40:1 when the banker bet wins a hand with a total of seven made with three cards. While this bet normally provides a house advantage of roughly 7.6 percent, it is possible to defeat it and earn an edge over the casino by using a type of card counting. You must be very careful about pulling this off, and even though this is the simplest approach to beat Baccarat, it is still possible to get cut off from a game if they notice what you're doing.

 EZ Baccarat Dragon 7 Side Bet Image

The Counting System Itself

The way this strategy works is that you will card count in the same manner that you would in blackjack. In this system, fours, fives, sixes, and sevens are all worth -1. Eights and nines are rewarded a bonus of two points. All other cards (aces, twos, threes, and tens) are worth nothing. To establish the running count, tally up all of the card values that are dealt. When you split this running count by the number of cards remaining in the shoe, you get the actual count, and that true count is the secret to beating Baccarat. When the count is four or greater, the Dragon 7 side bet can be profitable. It's as easy as that.

Cover Play

If Baccarat online casinos weren't looking for people who exploit their games with things like card counting, you could basically just sit out every hand that was dealt until the Dragon 7 became profitable and bet then. However, things don't work like that in the real world, and playing that way would set you up to get kicked out of the game in short order.

To protect yourself against this, you have to do something called cover play. Learning how to beat Baccarat in a practical sense is largely a matter of learning how to not get caught because the actual card counting aspect is fairly simple to learn. Although you aren't cheating by employing this strategy, you can still get kicked out of the casino all the same for doing it, and that's not going to make you any money.

The easiest form of cover play is to simply bet on the banker and the player bets back and forth with a small denomination of money. Then when the Dragon 7 becomes profitable, you play it with a large bet size in addition to the banker or player bet. This is a natural way to play, and it'll be much more difficult to spot what you're doing like this.

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