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It's time to stack the deck to your advantage! Baccarat Evolution VIP is an amazing new experience that offers a fresh new way to play on the fly! With an easy-to-use UI, excellent visuals, and interesting features, there's never a bad moment to play. Come and have some fun at the table. Specifically built for mobile devices, allowing gamers to play in short spurts in daily circumstances. Touch controls provide for more instinctive and comfortable play, with Light, Dark, and Classic settings to suit the player's lighting circumstances and preferences.

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Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 5 February 2024


Yggdrasil is a well-known provider because of the quality titles it produces. It offers slots and some casino titles as well. Moreover, this provider hasn’t stopped when it comes to the production of both kinds of games which is why it has 2 new ones to offer.

Baccarat Evolution and Baccarat Evolution VIP are the titles in question. The first one is just one version of the popular cards game, and the second one comes with a higher betting range which is more suited to the high rollers. Both of the games look amazing and play smoothly, which is why you will have an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Yggdrasil Baccarat General Information

When it comes to the visuals the table in both games looks like a regular table in a casino. In Baccarat Evolution the table comes in green whereas the table in Baccarat Evolution VIP comes in purple with some lights. But both games with standard, light, and dark themes, so you can pick out your favorite. The lower part of the game is dedicated to you, the player, and the upper part is dedicated to the dealer.

You’ll see chips, baccarat card values, and betting options in both titles. Also, you’ll have buttons that let you adjust the betting amount and some buttons that let you adjust the audio and video settings of the game. In short, the visuals and mechanics work pretty well in both titles.

How to Play Yggdrasil Evolution Baccarat?

Both titles operate in the same way as regular free baccarat entertainments do. You will be given 8 decks for each game. As previously noted, the difference between Baccarat Evolution and Baccarat Evolution VIP lies in the wagering range. The former allows for bets ranging from $0.50 to $35 for every set of cards, whilst the latter allows for bets ranging from $5 to $350 per round.

Players can deposit a maximum wager of $35 on the Player or Banker's set of cards, and a maximum stake of $50 on the Tie. These are the general baccarat game rules. It's also worth noting that drawing cards are generated automatically, so you'll get a fresh set every time.

But bets are placed before the cards are dealt. So, in this game, either the Banker set of cards or the Player set of cards will win, or the game will end in a tie. The payoff for the Banker's victory is 1:1, the payout for the Player's win is the same, and the payout for the Tie is 8:1. In other words, a Banker and Player victory pay 1x your stake, while a tie pays 8x your investment. Furthermore, if you do not place a wager on the Tie bet, the round will be considered a push, and you will get your stake back.

Both games include a standard and a Turbo mode. You can activate the Turbo mode. This speeds things up, and you may choose how much time passes between betting rounds in this mode.

Game RTP

The overall theoretical return to the player:

  • Player - 98.76%
  • Banker - 98.54%
  • Tie - 85.64%


Both Baccarat Evolution and Baccarat Evolution VIP are great games. They offer stunning visuals and make you feel like you’re seated in a real baccarat casino. You’ve got adjustable audio and video settings, as well as smooth gameplay to offer you an interesting gaming experience. There are 3 types of bets you can place which is pretty standard for any online and live baccarat game. The difference between these 2 games is the betting range. So, the former is more suited to regular players, while the latter is more suited for high rollers.

Is Baccarat Evolution VIP Legitimate?

Yes! This Yggdrasil casino game is entirely fair. Furthermore, it is entirely safe and reliable. As a consequence, you may play the demo game or register for a recommended Yggdrasil online casino, deposit money, and play for cash prizes. Baccarat Evolution VIP is an excellent casino game in any case. It looks great on desktop computers, but much better on mobile devices. So, if you want to increase your baccarat betting adventure, go to the top-rated gambling establishment right away.

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